Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Washington, District of Columbia, USA



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, Bronwen   I16918 My Family Tree 
2 Andrews, Peter Richard   I16919 My Family Tree 
3 Andrews, Walter Joseph   I16814 My Family Tree 
4 Antin, Zachary Peter   I11670 My Family Tree 
5 April, Ingrid E.   I3792 My Family Tree 
6 Blazar, Sawyer Kellman   I4373 My Family Tree 
7 Brown, Suzanne Bard  27 Dec 1947Washington, District of Columbia, USA I18990 My Family Tree 
8 Coblenzer, Elsa B.  29 Mar 1889Washington, District of Columbia, USA I17231 My Family Tree 
9 Coddington, Earl Alexander  16 Dec 1920Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8515 My Family Tree 
10 Franc, Ruth  02 Feb 1900Washington, District of Columbia, USA I15146 My Family Tree 
11 Gaines, Janice Beth   I11375 My Family Tree 
12 Gambino, Tony   I3231 My Family Tree 
13 Greenberg, Russell Steven  27 Jul 1953Washington, District of Columbia, USA I19021 My Family Tree 
14 Hirsh, Edgar Morrie  17 May 1895Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8240 My Family Tree 
15 Hirsh, Edgar Morrie Jr.  07 Dec 1919Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8432 My Family Tree 
16 Hirsh, Kathlyn Bertha  25 Aug 1918Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8431 My Family Tree 
17 Hirsh, Leona S.  01 Aug 1887Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8239 My Family Tree 
18 Hirsh, Mae G.  01 Jun 1886Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8238 My Family Tree 
19 Horowitz, Clea Eliana   I19242 My Family Tree 
20 Horowitz, Frederick Jordan   I19241 My Family Tree 
21 Horowitz, Phoebe Arielle   I19243 My Family Tree 
22 Lerom, Barbara Ann   I7676 My Family Tree 
23 McAllister, Dyanne Christine  16 Nov 1940Washington, District of Columbia, USA I18951 My Family Tree 
24 Newmyer, Arthur Grover  26 May 1885Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8246 My Family Tree 
25 Newmyer, Robert Frederick  30 May 1956Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8739 My Family Tree 
26 Oken, James Todd   I1844 My Family Tree 
27 Politzer, Greg   I7259 My Family Tree 
28 Satin, Gabriel   I13357 My Family Tree 
29 Schwartz, Sandra Phyllis   I12860 My Family Tree 
30 Sloger, Juliet Diane   I12304 My Family Tree 
31 Sloger, Marlene Joyce   I12305 My Family Tree 
32 Solomon, Marvin Charles  09 Jun 1911Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8417 My Family Tree 
33 Strasburger, Albert  08 Mar 1875Washington, District of Columbia, USA I4477 My Family Tree 
34 Strasburger, Camille  18 Nov 1883Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8372 My Family Tree 
35 Strasburger, Edith  13 Jul 1893Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8245 My Family Tree 
36 Strasburger, Helen  25 Dec 1884Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8373 My Family Tree 
37 Strasburger, Herbert Lawrence  26 Jul 1887Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8244 My Family Tree 
38 Strasburger, Irwin  07 Mar 1880Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8339 My Family Tree 
39 Strasburger, Jennie  07 Aug 1874Washington, District of Columbia, USA I4479 My Family Tree 
40 Strasburger, Milton  23 Nov 1876Washington, District of Columbia, USA I4478 My Family Tree 
41 Strasburger, [Unnamed Son]  27 Jul 1890Washington, District of Columbia, USA I5099 My Family Tree 
42 Sudak, Chana   I3640 My Family Tree 
43 Turnage, Lucille Minetta  02 Dec 1916Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8435 My Family Tree 
44 West, Alice Babette  23 Jul 1917Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8690 My Family Tree 
45 Wolf, William B. Jr.  11 Sep 1927Washington, District of Columbia, USA I10237 My Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coblenzer, Elsa B.  09 May 1977Washington, District of Columbia, USA I17231 My Family Tree 
2 Guttenberg, John Paul Jr.  11 Nov 2006Washington, District of Columbia, USA I15626 My Family Tree 
3 Hirsh, Morris Stadden  18 Oct 1927Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8366 My Family Tree 
4 Hutzler, Elsa Louise  04 Jul 1954Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8741 My Family Tree 
5 Jacobs, Edna Russsell  29 Aug 2009Washington, District of Columbia, USA I10236 My Family Tree 
6 Kadden, Milton  Abt 04 Aug 1941Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8224 My Family Tree 
7 May, Wilhelmina  18 Mar 1906Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8285 My Family Tree 
8 Newmyer, Arthur Grover  12 Oct 1955Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8246 My Family Tree 
9 Newmyer, Arthur Grover Jr.  30 Apr 1999Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8396 My Family Tree 
10 Newmyer, Barbara West  02 Jul 2010Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8691 My Family Tree 
11 Newmyer, James Morton  10 Dec 2010Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8397 My Family Tree 
12 Strasburger, Albert  06 Mar 1948Washington, District of Columbia, USA I4477 My Family Tree 
13 Strasburger, Camille  14 Jun 1964Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8372 My Family Tree 
14 Strasburger, Hart Levi  07 Sep 1883Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8448 My Family Tree 
15 Strasburger, Helen  02 May 1969Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8373 My Family Tree 
16 Strasburger, Milton  06 Feb 1955Washington, District of Columbia, USA I4478 My Family Tree 
17 Strasburger, Myer  13 Mar 1922Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8365 My Family Tree 
18 Strasburger, [Unnamed Son]  29 Jul 1890Washington, District of Columbia, USA I5099 My Family Tree 
19 Sudack, Faye  16 Mar 1957Washington, District of Columbia, USA I12854 My Family Tree 
20 Ullman, Sarah  10 May 1915Washington, District of Columbia, USA I14294 My Family Tree 
21 Weinberg, Joseph H.  22 Aug 1933Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8787 My Family Tree 
22 West, Alice Babette  08 May 1993Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8690 My Family Tree 
23 Wolf, William B. Jr.  28 Aug 2007Washington, District of Columbia, USA I10237 My Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pallas, Anna  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I553 My Family Tree 
2 Whitebread, Irene Ruth  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I8242 My Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arost / Linden  04 Dec 1932Washington, District of Columbia, USA F6401 My Family Tree 
2 Camitta / Snyder   F4997 My Family Tree 
3 Coblenzer / Strasburger  21 Jun 1905Washington, District of Columbia, USA F4233 My Family Tree 
4 Cooper / Newmyer   F2276 My Family Tree 
5 Cooper / Sachs  05 Aug 1963Washington, District of Columbia, USA F1522 My Family Tree 
6 Deal / Newmyer   F6125 My Family Tree 
7 Forrester / Newmyer   F2264 My Family Tree 
8 Friedman / Wolf   F3721 My Family Tree 
9 Greenwell / Shusterman   F602 My Family Tree 
10 Hirsh / Strasburger  16 Sep 1884Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2118 My Family Tree 
11 Johnson / Newmyer  15 Jul 1973Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2270 My Family Tree 
12 Kadden / Strasburger  01 Sep 1910Washington, District of Columbia, USA F1749 My Family Tree 
13 Kitces / Lee   F4268 My Family Tree 
14 McClellan / Turnage  16 May 1934Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2177 My Family Tree 
15 Newmyer / West  18 Sep 1940Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2247 My Family Tree 
16 Newmyer / Wilner   F2274 My Family Tree 
17 Rogers / Johnson   F6122 My Family Tree 
18 Schneider / Schwartz   F3448 My Family Tree 
19 Solomon / Hirsh  07 Jun 1908Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2119 My Family Tree 
20 Strasburger / Bensinger  02 Jan 1883Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2078 My Family Tree 
21 Strasburger / Coblenzer  22 May 1911Washington, District of Columbia, USA F6376 My Family Tree 
22 Strasburger / May  18 Mar 1854Washington, District of Columbia, USA F552 My Family Tree 
23 Strasburger / Peters  07 Jan 1904Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2139 My Family Tree 
24 Strauss / Franc  06 Sep 1927Washington, District of Columbia, USA F5058 My Family Tree 
25 Strauss / Schwab  26 Dec 1906Washington, District of Columbia, USA F5081 My Family Tree 
26 Turnage / Hirsh  01 Feb 1913Washington, District of Columbia, USA F2117 My Family Tree