Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Westheimer, Schmai Joseph

Male 1765 - Yes, date unknown

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Westheimer, Karl
Male 1796-1832
Westheimer, Lina
Female Abt 1860-1915
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Westheimer, Max
Male 1861-1867
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Westheimer, Isack Baer
Male 1804-Yes, date unknown
Gale, William E.
Male -Bef 1910
Fox, Hannah
Female 1869-1963
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Westheimer, Dina
Female 1868-1933
Henningsen, Hermann
Male 1868-Yes, date unknown
Hirsch, Bertha
Female 1878-1930
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Kaplan, Esther
Female 1884-1946
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Westheimer, Max
Male 1881-1942
Charney, Tennie
Female 1888-1967
Westheimer, Joell
Male 1824-Yes, date unknown
Westheimer, Dina
Female 1825-1825
Westheimer, Wolf
Male 1826-1826
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Alexander, Jacob
Male 1879-1953
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Freiberg, Jacob
Male 1835-1880
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Mannheimer, Lena
Female 1854-1938
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Mannheimer, Max
Male 1859-1930
Aron, Emma
Female 1870-1947
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Strauss, Terese
Female 1871-1956
Mannheimer, Anna
Female 1865-1939
Reis, Johanna
Female 1829-1835
Selig, Samuel
Male 1834-1903
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Henle, Moses
Male 1849-1941
Herbst, Rachel
Female 1862-1939
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Henle, Samuel
Male 1850-1907
Hess, Clementine
Female Abt 1854-1935
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Henle, Johanna
Female 1851-1931
Henle, Gotthilf
Male 1853-1853
Henle, Bertha
Female 1854-1918
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Henle, Pauline
Female 1855-1928
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Henle, Johannes
Male 1857-1933
Lyon, Estelle
Female 1869-1959
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Henle, Helene
Female 1858-1859
Henle, Max
Male 1860-1908
Kuhn, Emil
Male 1855-1915
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Henle, Leopold
Male 1865-1939
Hahn, Pearl
Female Abt 1881-1955
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Henle, Friedrich
Male 1867-1943
Flexner, Bertha
Female 1869-1931
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Reis, Henrietta
Female 1829-1900
Reis, Max
Male 1866-1945
Reis, Belle A.
Female 1868-1927
Reis, Sidney
Male 1869-1924
Young, Gertha
Female Abt 1874-Yes, date unknown
Reis, Dudley
Male 1872-1955
Lowenstein, Rena
Female 1880-1935
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De Witt, Jeanne
Female 1903-1987
Bourne, Florence
Female 1889-Yes, date unknown
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Reis, Sophia
Female 1878-1951
Reis, Hortense
Female 1881-1972
Reis, Samuel
Male 1830-1907
Dreyfus, Bertha
Female 1845-1918
Reis, Johanna
Female 1832-Yes, date unknown
Reis, Max Emil Joseph
Male 1859-Yes, date unknown
Essig, Anna
Female 1873-1914
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Reis, Otto Moritz
Male 1861-Yes, date unknown
Reis, Joseph
Male 1833-Yes, date unknown
Kais, Helena
Female 1837-Yes, date unknown
Reis, Valk
Male 1835-1837
Reis, Ascher
Male 1836-1837
Reis, Edward
Male 1874-1933
Reis, Stanley
Male 1881-1938
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Brunswick, Clara
Female 1856-1938
Reis, Isak
Male 1839-Yes, date unknown
Reis, Lillie
Female 1868-1935
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Reis, Milton
Male Abt 1871-1871
Reis, Sophy
Female 1873-1966
Reis, Ella
Female 1873-1953
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Reis, Grace
Female 1875-1885
Reis, Lena
Female 1876-1961
Stern, Isaac
Male 1876-1937
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Reis, Gordon
Male 1879-1948
Mosler, Winifred
Female 1884-1960
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Reis, James Jay
Male 1882-1972
Block, Katherine
Female 1892-1946
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Reis, Julius
Male 1841-1920
Reis, Nathan
Male 1844-1853
Westheimer, Sara
Female 1805-1883
Westheimer, Sarhe
Female 1807-Yes, date unknown
Westheimer, Jachet
Female 1809-Yes, date unknown
Westheimer, Henla
Female 1812-Yes, date unknown
Simon, Samuel Sigmund
Male Abt 1844-1910
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Kaufmann, Amalia
Female 1831-1858
Herz, Samuel
Male 1828-1918
Kaufmann, Karoline
Female 1833-Yes, date unknown
Kaufmann, Ruecke
Female 1834-1834
Kaufmann, Karl
Male 1867-Yes, date unknown
Joseph, Elsa
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
Kaufmann, Martha
Female 1872-Abt 1942
Levy, Hermann
Male -Yes, date unknown
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Behrens, Hermann
Male 1863-Yes, date unknown
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Kaufmann, Simon
Male 1835-1896
Schloss, Babette
Female 1847-1926
Kaufmann, Adolph
Male 1837-1837
Kaufmann, Ricke
Female 1840-Yes, date unknown
Westheimer, Jette
Female Est 1813-Yes, date unknown
Noerdlinger, Eva
Female 1835-Yes, date unknown
Noerdlinger, Friederika
Female 1842-Yes, date unknown
Hirsch, Rosalia
Female 1875-1943
Hirsch, Selma
Female 1875-1878
Hirsch, Emil
Male 1877-1878
Bien, Elsa
Female 1891-1968
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Hirsch, Hermine
Female 1880-1945
Cohen, Jakob
Male 1879-1942
Hirsch, Hedwig
Female 1882-1891
Hirsch, Caroline
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
Abraham, Robert
Male 1884-1933
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Hirsch, Sali
Male 1885-1885
Hirsch, Elsa
Female 1889-1976
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Hirsch, Samuel
Male 1840-1913
Noerdlinger, Sophia
Female 1845-Yes, date unknown
Noerdlinger, Salomon
Male Est 1811-1849
Wertheimer, Leon
Male 1871-1956
Gutmann, Fanny
Female 1874-1953
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Wertheimer, Sigmund
Male 1852-Yes, date unknown
Westheimer, Schela
Female 1814-Yes, date unknown
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Westheimer, Schmai Joseph
Male 1765-Yes, date unknown