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Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Family: Goldberg, Edward / Braunstein, Lena (F8178)

m. 22 Feb 1925

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Braunstein, Abraham
Male (1857-1922)
Shonberger, Mary
Female (1862-1928)
Braunstein, [Child 2]
Braunstein, Micke
Male (1892-1893)
Braunstein, Harry
Male (1888-1891)
Braunstein, Max
Male (1885-1970)
Braunstein, Ida
Female (1904-1982)
Braunstein, Esther
Female (1894-1962)
Braunstein, David
Male (1890-1966)
Braumstein, Mary
Female (1908-1962)
Braunstein, May
Female (1896-1968)
Braunstein, Manie
Male (1899-1899)
Goldberg, Edward
Male (1903-1972)
Braunstein, Lena
Female (1902-1963)
Goldberg, Marilyn
Female (1929-2003)
Gaynor, Albert Jacob
Male (1926-2007)