Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Khmelnytsky, Ukraine



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berman, Rebecca  24 Sep 1900Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I14243 My Family Tree 
2 Blackman, Jacob  4 Dec 1876Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I14103 My Family Tree 
3 Gold, Israel  Abt 1868Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I4874 My Family Tree 
4 Golden, Meyer  28 May 1886Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I19417 My Family Tree 
5 Jerichimovich, Rebecca  13 Oct 1892Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I11546 My Family Tree 
6 Kitsis, Edith  16 Apr 1897Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I13564 My Family Tree 
7 Kitsis, Ginda  20 Feb 1857Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I13804 My Family Tree 
8 Kitsis, Dr. Henry Hyman  17 Jun 1893Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I12061 My Family Tree 
9 Kitsis, Joseph  12 Jun 1882Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10689 My Family Tree 
10 Kitsis, Louis  25 Oct 1905Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I11270 My Family Tree 
11 Kitsis, Louis Jacob  14 Nov 1890Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I11418 My Family Tree 
12 Kitsis, Moses  Abt 1900Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I12239 My Family Tree 
13 Kitsis, Nathan Morris  26 Oct 1886Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I11597 My Family Tree 
14 Kitsis, Samuel  20 Jun 1880Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I11269 My Family Tree 
15 Kittine, Ariel  Abt 1895Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10245 My Family Tree 
16 Kitzes, Aaron  28 Oct 1900Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10619 My Family Tree 
17 Kitzes, Abraham  1 Oct 1891Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I11545 My Family Tree 
18 Kitzes, Bassia  Abt 1881Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10690 My Family Tree 
19 Kitzes, Bella  21 Sep 1904Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10250 My Family Tree 
20 Kitzes, Clara  13 Nov 1888Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10244 My Family Tree 
21 Kitzes, David  18 Jan 1904Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10621 My Family Tree 
22 Kitzes, Gilbert  26 Sep 1913Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10622 My Family Tree 
23 Kitzes, Hyman  1911Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10623 My Family Tree 
24 Kitzes, Isidore  15 Apr 1884Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10688 My Family Tree 
25 Kitzes, Israel Wolf  26 Jul 1896Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10617 My Family Tree 
26 Kitzes, Jacob Echiel  15 Sep 1876Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10760 My Family Tree 
27 Kitzes, Lazer  18 Apr 1907Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10249 My Family Tree 
28 Kitzes, Louis  1861Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10615 My Family Tree 
29 Kitzes, Max  1905Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10620 My Family Tree 
30 Kitzes, Raiza  Abt 1912Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10251 My Family Tree 
31 Kitzes, Rose  28 Apr 1908Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10624 My Family Tree 
32 Kitzes, Samuel  17 Jun 1875Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I11327 My Family Tree 
33 Kitzes, Samuel  25 Mar 1886Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10242 My Family Tree 
34 Kitzes, Samuel  25 Dec 1898Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10618 My Family Tree 
35 Kitzes, Sylvia  31 Oct 1904Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10247 My Family Tree 
36 Kitzis, Alexander  Abt 1900Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I12246 My Family Tree 
37 Kitzis, Esther  Abt 1888Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10370 My Family Tree 
38 Kitzis, Gittel  20 Dec 1900Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10246 My Family Tree 
39 Kitzis, Max  30 Nov 1895Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10248 My Family Tree 
40 Kitzis, Morris  25 Nov 1891Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10243 My Family Tree 
41 Kitzis, Yeshaia  Abt 1865Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10241 My Family Tree 
42 Kohen, Frieda  12 Mar 1886Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10252 My Family Tree 
43 Lisker, Sadie  10 May 1889Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I13342 My Family Tree 
44 Lopatin, Abraham  May 1887Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I18302 My Family Tree 
45 Lopatin, Israel  12 Apr 1881Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I18295 My Family Tree 
46 Rabinovitz, Joseph  20 Dec 1892Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I14242 My Family Tree 
47 Rabinowitz, Miriam Esther  10 Mar 1900Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I13807 My Family Tree 
48 Sandegursky, Ethel  Abt 1867Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10240 My Family Tree 
49 Sandegursky, Jacob  Abt 1844Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I14350 My Family Tree 
50 Sandegursky, Yitzhak Yakov  Abt 1871Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I14353 My Family Tree 

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bressler, George Joseph  22 Mar 1888Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10321 My Family Tree 
2 Kitzis, Gittel  20 Dec 1899Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I10246 My Family Tree 
3 Lopatin, Israel  12 Apr 1873Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I18295 My Family Tree 
4 Rabinowitz, Miriam Esther  Abt 1904Khmelnytsky, Ukraine I13807 My Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gold / Lisker  Abt 1896Khmelnytsky, Ukraine F4353 My Family Tree