Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Kings County, New York, USA



Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cohen, Pierson Charles  3 Feb 1906Kings County, New York, USA I20467 My Family Tree 
2 Dorfman, Louis  29 Apr 1908Kings County, New York, USA I1814 My Family Tree 
3 Dorman, Sidney  15 Mar 1909Kings County, New York, USA I6005 My Family Tree 
4 Dreyfuss, Janice Adele  4 Mar 1907Kings County, New York, USA I11429 My Family Tree 
5 Drucker, David  11 Aug 1906Kings County, New York, USA I12766 My Family Tree 
6 Eppner, Benjamin  11 Feb 1905Kings County, New York, USA I10963 My Family Tree 
7 Gottlieb, Milton Pfeifer  10 Apr 1906Kings County, New York, USA I20864 My Family Tree 
8 Greenfield, Viola Greenwald  7 Sep 1908Kings County, New York, USA I976 My Family Tree 
9 Igelheimer, Benjamin S.  Jun 1870Kings County, New York, USA I12758 My Family Tree 
10 Igelheimer, Carrie  12 Jun 1902Kings County, New York, USA I15331 My Family Tree 
11 Igelheimer, Charles  26 Dec 1888Kings County, New York, USA I11481 My Family Tree 
12 Igelheimer, David  16 May 1909Kings County, New York, USA I15329 My Family Tree 
13 Igelheimer, Hazel  8 Mar 1907Kings County, New York, USA I12762 My Family Tree 
14 Igelheimer, Lillian  12 Oct 1899Kings County, New York, USA I12760 My Family Tree 
15 Igelheimer, Madeline  29 May 1898Kings County, New York, USA I15330 My Family Tree 
16 Igelheimer, Stella  8 Jun 1909Kings County, New York, USA I12764 My Family Tree 
17 Naidich, Herbert H.  6 May 1924Kings County, New York, USA I20983 My Family Tree 
18 Selig, Martin  13 Apr 1905Kings County, New York, USA I15300 My Family Tree 
19 Shapiro, Myer  9 Mar 1909Kings County, New York, USA I17159 My Family Tree 
20 Silver, Jeanne  9 Jul 1893Kings County, New York, USA I7138 My Family Tree 
21 Stern, Salmon E.  10 Nov 1907Kings County, New York, USA I11426 My Family Tree 
22 Strauss, Bella  24 Jan 1866Kings County, New York, USA I15155 My Family Tree 
23 Strauss, Maurice Benjamin  5 Mar 1904Kings County, New York, USA I15145 My Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alpern, Milton Boris  10 Nov 1941Kings County, New York, USA I7108 My Family Tree 
2 Antin, Abraham  24 Nov 1938Kings County, New York, USA I17790 My Family Tree 
3 Black, Pauline  7 Jun 1908Kings County, New York, USA I7137 My Family Tree 
4 Block, Mamie  27 Jan 1941Kings County, New York, USA I15328 My Family Tree 
5 Borden, Louis  4 Aug 1940Kings County, New York, USA I4171 My Family Tree 
6 Chambers, Bessie  7 Dec 1966Kings County, New York, USA I2991 My Family Tree 
7 Dorman, Isaac  10 Jul 1917Kings County, New York, USA I5992 My Family Tree 
8 Dorman, Sarah  30 Jul 1934Kings County, New York, USA I5999 My Family Tree 
9 Dreyfuss, Max  25 Sep 1942Kings County, New York, USA I11212 My Family Tree 
10 Frankel, Julia Eva  28 Sep 1913Kings County, New York, USA I14203 My Family Tree 
11 Fribourg, Gustave  13 Oct 1941Kings County, New York, USA I6660 My Family Tree 
12 Fridman, Mary  2 Oct 1925Kings County, New York, USA I19751 My Family Tree 
13 Fuchsman, Isidore  7 Feb 1925Kings County, New York, USA I3081 My Family Tree 
14 Goldzier, Louis  1 Nov 1936Kings County, New York, USA I11213 My Family Tree 
15 Greenwald, Katie  19 Oct 1925Kings County, New York, USA I117 My Family Tree 
16 Horowitz, Mollie  10 Oct 1937Kings County, New York, USA I17915 My Family Tree 
17 Igelheimer, Corinne  23 Nov 1920Kings County, New York, USA I15325 My Family Tree 
18 Igelheimer, David  7 Nov 1901Kings County, New York, USA I15323 My Family Tree 
19 Igelheimer, Henry  26 Oct 1934Kings County, New York, USA I15320 My Family Tree 
20 Kahn, Flora  10 Apr 1931Kings County, New York, USA I7570 My Family Tree 
21 Kelmanson, Harry  15 Aug 1921Kings County, New York, USA I12182 My Family Tree 
22 Kelmanson, Kelman  23 Feb 1935Kings County, New York, USA I12152 My Family Tree 
23 Kitzis, Isaac N.  13 Nov 1941Kings County, New York, USA I11339 My Family Tree 
24 Klaber, Laura  5 Jun 1924Kings County, New York, USA I4525 My Family Tree 
25 Klotz, Carrie  14 Jun 1937Kings County, New York, USA I11255 My Family Tree 
26 Klotz, Joseph N.  10 Jun 1923Kings County, New York, USA I11211 My Family Tree 
27 Marks, Sarah  22 Dec 1895Kings County, New York, USA I12116 My Family Tree 
28 Popelowsky, Philip  20 Jun 1948Kings County, New York, USA I17914 My Family Tree 
29 Priester, Siegbert  14 Feb 1943Kings County, New York, USA I7577 My Family Tree 
30 Shear, Frank Willard  10 Dec 1944Kings County, New York, USA I2280 My Family Tree 
31 Silverman, Hyman  11 Jul 1923Kings County, New York, USA I7179 My Family Tree 
32 Smith, Sallie  12 Dec 1900Kings County, New York, USA I12759 My Family Tree 
33 Stern, Henrietta  14 Feb 1918Kings County, New York, USA I15314 My Family Tree 
34 Strauss, Abraham S.  3 Aug 1914Kings County, New York, USA I11187 My Family Tree 
35 Strauss, Ester  23 Feb 1948Kings County, New York, USA I11190 My Family Tree 
36 Strauss, Lazarus  22 Apr 1905Kings County, New York, USA I12113 My Family Tree 
37 Traiger, Anna  17 Oct 1977Kings County, New York, USA I3079 My Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Amkraut / Sonsky  12 Sep 1936Kings County, New York, USA F4646 My Family Tree 
2 Berlove / Bennett   F5721 My Family Tree 
3 Dalsimer / Wasch  17 Jan 1935Kings County, New York, USA F4986 My Family Tree 
4 Deschere / Dreyfuss  4 Dec 1913Kings County, New York, USA F5144 My Family Tree 
5 Dorfman / Menchel  22 Dec 1935Kings County, New York, USA F69 My Family Tree 
6 Dreyfuss / Strauss  25 Mar 1890Kings County, New York, USA F4981 My Family Tree 
7 Drucker / Igelheimer  7 Aug 1935Kings County, New York, USA F5314 My Family Tree 
8 Friedenberg / Silver  25 Nov 1917Kings County, New York, USA F1831 My Family Tree 
9 Furlaiter / Sonsky  22 Aug 1932Kings County, New York, USA F4652 My Family Tree 
10 Goldstock / Braunstein  28 Mar 1936Kings County, New York, USA F3110 My Family Tree 
11 Goldzier / Bernstein  11 Jul 1937Kings County, New York, USA F5142 My Family Tree 
12 Goldzier / Strauss  21 Sep 1905Kings County, New York, USA F4982 My Family Tree 
13 Horowitz / Knobel   F7157 My Family Tree 
14 Igelheimer / Meyer  3 Jun 1905Kings County, New York, USA F5312 My Family Tree 
15 Igelheimer / Michel  29 Apr 1888Kings County, New York, USA F5115 My Family Tree 
16 Igelheimer / Shepard  22 Mar 1869Kings County, New York, USA F5310 My Family Tree 
17 Igelheimer / Strauss  14 Aug 1881Kings County, New York, USA F4978 My Family Tree 
18 Klein / Weinstein  22 Nov 1936Kings County, New York, USA F6646 My Family Tree 
19 Klotz / Abbey  14 Dec 1927Kings County, New York, USA F5078 My Family Tree 
20 Klotz / Strauss  19 Jun 1887Kings County, New York, USA F4980 My Family Tree 
21 Lasser / Rosenthal  2 Nov 1921Kings County, New York, USA F1704 My Family Tree 
22 Levey / Wolf  23 Aug 1922Kings County, New York, USA F1418 My Family Tree 
23 Levine / Edelmann  10 Feb 1934Kings County, New York, USA F5980 My Family Tree 
24 Levine / Levine  2 Apr 1933Kings County, New York, USA F4107 My Family Tree 
25 Mayer / Igelheimer  16 Oct 1887Kings County, New York, USA F5111 My Family Tree 
26 Meyer / Igelheimer  17 Apr 1913Kings County, New York, USA F5118 My Family Tree 
27 Nathanson / Chenmak  25 Feb 1923Kings County, New York, USA F7167 My Family Tree 
28 Nathanson / Mouzer  12 May 1932Kings County, New York, USA F4698 My Family Tree 
29 Pfeifer / Gottlieb  29 Jan 1901Kings County, New York, USA F20174 My Family Tree 
30 Sarofsky / Ginsberg   F1184 My Family Tree 
31 Scherman / Weinstein  20 Dec 1936Kings County, New York, USA F5994 My Family Tree 
32 Schultz / Dunsky  30 Nov 1915Kings County, New York, USA F21130 My Family Tree 
33 Schwarzkopf / Igelheimer  29 Dec 1925Kings County, New York, USA F5112 My Family Tree 
34 Sherr / Nordstein  18 Mar 1917Kings County, New York, USA F2934 My Family Tree 
35 Silverman / Katz  26 Jul 1893Kings County, New York, USA F6732 My Family Tree 
36 Smith / Igelheimer  17 Sep 1906Kings County, New York, USA F4984 My Family Tree 
37 Stein / Kitzes  11 Jun 1911Kings County, New York, USA F3176 My Family Tree 
38 Sternberg / Meyer  11 Jun 1924Kings County, New York, USA F5313 My Family Tree 
39 Strauss / Pfizenmayr  23 May 1918Kings County, New York, USA F5226 My Family Tree 
40 Strauss / Strauss  17 Jan 1898Kings County, New York, USA F5224 My Family Tree 
41 Sudack / Lebolt  2 Apr 1933Kings County, New York, USA F3441 My Family Tree 
42 Topper / Sonsky  30 Aug 1926Kings County, New York, USA F4650 My Family Tree 
43 Wasch / Igelheimer  22 Jun 1910Kings County, New York, USA F4985 My Family Tree 
44 Weiss / Braunstein  20 Aug 1933Kings County, New York, USA F5972 My Family Tree