Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Oakland, Alameda, California, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Oppenheim, Ramsey Stuart  29 Jun 1912Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I8423
2 Douglas, Lloyd William  11 Feb 1919Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I18083
3 Bercovich, Alfred Jacob  8 Oct 1930Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I16158
4 Singer, Kenneth Lee  10 Jul 1943Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I8573
5 Singer, Lawrence Alan   I8572
6 Wandtke, Arthur Phillip III   I4099
7 Lisker, Peter Howard  1 Jul 1952Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I4356
8 Lisker, Jonathan Scott  4 Jun 1954Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I4343
9 Lisker, Amy Ruth   I4352
10 Osborne, Leah M.   I8474
11 Weiss, Nicole Aimee   I2006
12 Geaney, James Casey   I4354
13 Geaney, Sam Michael   I4355
14 Prewitt, Matthew Thomas   I3077
15 Geaney, Sophie Jane   I4360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lang, Martha Sedgewick  10 Jul 1962Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I6393
2 Lisker, Samuel  24 Jan 1963Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I12088
3 Dalsey, Julius  18 Sep 1964Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I1401
4 Lipis, Anna  27 Sep 1975Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I12172
5 Fish, Tamar Shirley  23 Sep 1978Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I12488
6 Bercovich, Harry Bert  18 Mar 1982Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I16157
7 Singer, Sidney Charles Jr.  7 Dec 1985Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I8303
8 Lisker, Jonathan Scott  27 Aug 1995Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I4343
9 Morse, Eleanor  23 May 2001Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I8375
10 Rabinowitz, Blanche  18 Mar 2003Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I17223
11 Kitzes, Sadye  29 May 2013Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I10765
12 Bluestone, Selma  9 Jan 2021Oakland, Alameda, California, USA I2174


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Oppenheim / Levy  27 Sep 1911Oakland, Alameda, California, USA F2110
2 Bercovich / Braunstein  29 Aug 1926Oakland, Alameda, California, USA F5976
3 Lisker / Kellman   F4195
4 Kitzes / Adams   F2855
5 Staub / Jaye   F20025
6 Bonadona / Gates   F5946
7 Strauss / Howard   F5065


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Wagnon / Seligman   F608