Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cohen, Deanna R.   I1410 My Family Tree 
2 Baitler, Bertha  Abt 1880Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4946 My Family Tree 
3 Baitler, Susan Cecile  4 Jul 1887Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4942 My Family Tree 
4 Goldsmith, Mayo Vanvolen  7 Oct 1888Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4949 My Family Tree 
5 Baitler, Harry  9 Jan 1890Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4944 My Family Tree 
6 Schwartz, Joseph  18 Jul 1890Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4799 My Family Tree 
7 Krieger, Max C.  2 Nov 1890Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11256 My Family Tree 
8 Schwartz, Esther  8 Jan 1892Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4800 My Family Tree 
9 Schwartz, Fanny  8 Apr 1893Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4801 My Family Tree 
10 Bayer, Eva  8 Feb 1894Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I17209 My Family Tree 
11 Baitler, Minnie  1 Oct 1894Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4941 My Family Tree 
12 Coan, Dr. Bernard Barnett  12 Oct 1894Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I6104 My Family Tree 
13 Rothstein, Sarah  Abt 1895Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12064 My Family Tree 
14 Baitler, Esther  5 Jun 1896Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I2704 My Family Tree 
15 Lipsky, Gertrude  20 Nov 1897Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15788 My Family Tree 
16 Silverstein, George J.  Abt 1898Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10775 My Family Tree 
17 Kitzis, Louis Sallie  17 Feb 1899Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12063 My Family Tree 
18 Lipsky, Joseph  13 Apr 1900Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15789 My Family Tree 
19 Goodman, Charlotte  4 Sep 1900Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I17208 My Family Tree 
20 Kitsis, Leah S.  29 Jan 1901Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10774 My Family Tree 
21 Gorin, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1902Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I13534 My Family Tree 
22 Lipsky, Abraham  17 Jun 1902Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15790 My Family Tree 
23 Lipsky, Louis  13 Oct 1903Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15787 My Family Tree 
24 Gott, Minnie  22 Oct 1905Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10123 My Family Tree 
25 Bearse, Lorna  12 Jul 1906Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I2157 My Family Tree 
26 Kitzes, Samson Louis  8 Mar 1908Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11361 My Family Tree 
27 Kitsis, Meyer Louis  20 Apr 1908Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11452 My Family Tree 
28 Richman, Isidore Morris  4 Jun 1908Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I13145 My Family Tree 
29 Lipsky, Sylvia  20 Apr 1909Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15791 My Family Tree 
30 Cohen, Kermit  30 Sep 1910Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I123 My Family Tree 
31 Kitsis, Frank M.  25 Oct 1910Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11453 My Family Tree 
32 Kitzes, Kitty Sarah  4 Jun 1911Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10707 My Family Tree 
33 Spiel, Isaac Harry  4 Aug 1911Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I14231 My Family Tree 
34 Davidson, Samuel  17 Aug 1912Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I18187 My Family Tree 
35 Kitzes, [Unnamed Son]  25 Jan 1914Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10746 My Family Tree 
36 Kitzes, Laura Matilda  19 Apr 1915Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11362 My Family Tree 
37 Goldman, Nathan  10 Sep 1915Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I13540 My Family Tree 
38 Rosen, Harry Joseph  11 Feb 1916Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4653 My Family Tree 
39 Kitsis, Robert Eliot  5 Sep 1917Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12065 My Family Tree 
40 Kitzes, Arnold Stanley  21 Sep 1917Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10705 My Family Tree 
41 Kitzis, William B.  16 Oct 1917Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10122 My Family Tree 
42 Anderson, Eleanor  16 Jan 1920Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10954 My Family Tree 
43 Kitsis, Stanton Russell  4 Aug 1921Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12058 My Family Tree 
44 Welsh, Louise Abigail   I14418 My Family Tree 
45 Newman, Junice Selma  27 Oct 1923Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11324 My Family Tree 
46 Korac, Albert Sydney  21 Aug 1924Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12998 My Family Tree 
47 Grover, Leonard Irwin  11 Sep 1925Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10087 My Family Tree 
48 Dunne, Arnold Howard  8 Mar 1927Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I6359 My Family Tree 
49 Silberman, James Henry   I8760 My Family Tree 
50 Kitzis, Jean Louise  29 Mar 1927Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10124 My Family Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baitler, Harry  30 Jan 1892Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4944 My Family Tree 
2 Bayer, Eva  23 Apr 1895Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I17209 My Family Tree 
3 Lipsky, Louis  27 Mar 1909Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15787 My Family Tree 
4 Bayer, Joseph  22 Jul 1913Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I3744 My Family Tree 
5 Kitzes, [Unnamed Son]  27 Jan 1914Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10746 My Family Tree 
6 Strasburger, Zody  23 Dec 1919Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I14293 My Family Tree 
7 Dunsky, Chaim Yechezkiel  7 Nov 1925Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I6025 My Family Tree 
8 Dunsky, Morris Isaac  14 Aug 1936Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I5951 My Family Tree 
9 Strasburger, Jennie  9 Oct 1949Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4479 My Family Tree 
10 Coblenzer, Paul George  21 Dec 1949Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4480 My Family Tree 
11 Sterinck, Ida Dora  5 Oct 1952Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12068 My Family Tree 
12 Bayer, Abraham Henry  1959Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I3742 My Family Tree 
13 Kitsis, Meyer Louis  11 May 1962Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11452 My Family Tree 
14 Coan, Phyllis Patricia  17 Aug 1966Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I6364 My Family Tree 
15 Kitsis, Samuel Harris  20 Oct 1966Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11450 My Family Tree 
16 Lowrey, Nell E.  8 Aug 1967Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I5434 My Family Tree 
17 Kitsis, Stanton Russell  8 Feb 1969Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12058 My Family Tree 
18 Dunsky, Anna  8 May 1969Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I6108 My Family Tree 
19 Sadick, Herman  2 Feb 1970Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12996 My Family Tree 
20 Kurland, Samuel  20 Feb 1972Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I7502 My Family Tree 
21 Krock, Etta  12 Apr 1973Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12344 My Family Tree 
22 Strauss, Maurice Benjamin  19 Apr 1974Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15145 My Family Tree 
23 Curtis, Sidney  2 Nov 1974Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12057 My Family Tree 
24 Glotstein, Dora  15 May 1975Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11360 My Family Tree 
25 Richman, Isidore Morris  10 Oct 1984Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I13145 My Family Tree 
26 Franc, Ruth  5 Nov 1984Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15146 My Family Tree 
27 Dunsky, Mollie  28 May 1987Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I6360 My Family Tree 
28 Horowitz, Fred  30 Dec 1989Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I19220 My Family Tree 
29 Dunne, Arnold Howard  7 Oct 1990Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I6359 My Family Tree 
30 Benisch, Irene E.  3 Apr 1994Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I20979 My Family Tree 
31 Rabinovitz, Sireen Evelyn  28 Apr 1995Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I14244 My Family Tree 
32 Shiff, Jennie  9 May 1995Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I1882 My Family Tree 
33 Kitzes, Laura Matilda  2 Jan 1996Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11362 My Family Tree 
34 Nesson, Dr. Harry Richard  19 Oct 1998Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I12916 My Family Tree 
35 Mintz, Adele Harriet  13 Feb 2000Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I11219 My Family Tree 
36 Altman, Dr. Henry George  26 Jun 2000Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I17804 My Family Tree 
37 Buonfiglio, Elvie T.  18 Feb 2001Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I13533 My Family Tree 
38 Spiel, Isaac Harry  17 Feb 2003Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I14231 My Family Tree 
39 Pearson, Bruce Alan  27 Jul 2005Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I7026 My Family Tree 
40 Aroesty, Albert Isaac  13 Mar 2006Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I14967 My Family Tree 
41 Rosenbloom, Bruce Allen  31 Dec 2008Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I2662 My Family Tree 
42 Kram, Harvey  3 Mar 2009Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I15565 My Family Tree 
43 Aroesty, Hannah Beth  2 Apr 2013Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I14959 My Family Tree 
44 Rubin, Bernard G.  4 Sep 2014Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I20877 My Family Tree 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Schwartz, Joseph  1 Aug 1890Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I4799 My Family Tree 
2 Goodman, Charlotte  4 Sep 1906Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I17208 My Family Tree 
3 Kitzis, William B.  16 Sep 1918Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I10122 My Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dunn, Barnett  11 Jan 1891Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I1190 My Family Tree 
2 Dunsky, Ephraim  11 Jan 1891Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I5740 My Family Tree 
3 Kitsis, Israel William  15 May 1896Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA I13140 My Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Lipsky / Cohn  5 Mar 1897Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F5849 My Family Tree 
2 Goodman / Baitler  24 Dec 1899Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F4376 My Family Tree 
3 Chambers / Baitler  9 Apr 1905Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F4315 My Family Tree 
4 Kitzes / Glotstein  21 Jun 1907Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F3044 My Family Tree 
5 Kitsis / Greenberg  26 Jul 1907Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F3086 My Family Tree 
6 Richman / Glatstein  16 Aug 1907Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F3534 My Family Tree 
7 Kitsis / Rothstein  7 Sep 1912Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F3263 My Family Tree 
8 Curtis / McDougall  22 Apr 1914Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F3260 My Family Tree 
9 Bayer / Opp  26 Dec 1915Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F4057 My Family Tree 
10 Coan / Dunsky  7 Jun 1922Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F1632 My Family Tree 
11 Kitzis / Gott  1926Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F2711 My Family Tree 
12 Tannenholz / Haber  25 Nov 1932Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F8246 My Family Tree 
13 Bedrick / Bearse  26 Oct 1941Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA F738 My Family Tree 
14 Sulman / Bendetson   F900 My Family Tree 
15 Shube / Bendetson   F4264 My Family Tree 
16 Dunne / Lenart   F791 My Family Tree 
17 Bendetson / Novick   F901 My Family Tree 
18 Herzig / Dunne   F803 My Family Tree 
19 McGinity / Rockland   F1989 My Family Tree 
20 Dunne / Finch   F1913 My Family Tree 
21 Kitces / Rubin   F878 My Family Tree 
22 Stensland / Gardiner   F21178 My Family Tree 
23 MacVarish / Kingeter   F7522 My Family Tree