Building a Family Tree for all variations of
Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitzes, Ketzis, Kitzis, Kicis, Kitsis, Chitis, and Кицис
As well as
Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr, Dunsky

Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aresty, Esther  7 Jul 1916Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I18790 My Family Tree 
2 Aroesty, Elliot  2 Apr 1954Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14962 My Family Tree 
3 Aroesty, Hannah Beth  4 Mar 1952Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14959 My Family Tree 
4 Aroesty, Ruth Miriam  24 Jul 1949Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14958 My Family Tree 
5 Baldwin, Mildred  15 Mar 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15396 My Family Tree 
6 Becker, Yvette  7 May 1909Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15861 My Family Tree 
7 Berlove, Manuel E.  17 Nov 1916Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15385 My Family Tree 
8 Berlove, Sylvia Zalda  21 May 1922Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I19456 My Family Tree 
9 Berman, Leon Carl  18 Mar 1915Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I8599 My Family Tree 
10 Bernstein, Ellen Marjorie  1 Feb 1947Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12562 My Family Tree 
11 Carson, Norton Lee  1 Aug 1927Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14525 My Family Tree 
12 Cauffman, Minnie  9 Jul 1865Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I23277 My Family Tree 
13 Cohen, Hyman  17 Jun 1915Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14059 My Family Tree 
14 Cohn, Lois Paula  3 Aug 1933Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15816 My Family Tree 
15 DeLorenzo, Albert R.  1 Jan 1957Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I19866 My Family Tree 
16 DeLorenzo, Armando Anthony  15 Feb 1920Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I19861 My Family Tree 
17 Dunn, Abraham  8 Jan 1911Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I564 My Family Tree 
18 Dunn, Deborah  10 Mar 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I1398 My Family Tree 
19 Dunn, Jacob  21 Sep 1920Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I1806 My Family Tree 
20 Dunn, Julius  12 Apr 1910Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I3213 My Family Tree 
21 Dunn, Mildred Gertrude  29 Apr 1923Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I8612 My Family Tree 
22 Dunn, Pearl  10 Mar 1925Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I8613 My Family Tree 
23 Dunn, Rebecca  23 Nov 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I591 My Family Tree 
24 Dunn, Reuben  2 Jun 1903Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I699 My Family Tree 
25 Dunn, Revae  26 Jun 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I3214 My Family Tree 
26 Dunn, Richard M.  6 Jul 1922Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14972 My Family Tree 
27 Dunn, Sarah Lea  29 Dec 1901Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I782 My Family Tree 
28 Dunn, Shepherd Jacob  29 Oct 1919Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14973 My Family Tree 
29 Dunn, Shirley Estelle  23 Jun 1923Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14964 My Family Tree 
30 Dunn, William  9 May 1914Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I3451 My Family Tree 
31 Dunn, [Child]  Bef 1910Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I9773 My Family Tree 
32 Dunsky, Arnold Philip  7 Feb 1915Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12989 My Family Tree 
33 Dunsky, Gertrude  30 Jan 1915Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12909 My Family Tree 
34 Flatau, Abraham  6 Sep 1926Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I3435 My Family Tree 
35 Freedman, Ephriam  5 Jul 1892Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15552 My Family Tree 
36 Freedman, Isaac N.  15 Jun 1890Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15487 My Family Tree 
37 Freedman, Israel Louis  14 Mar 1888Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15484 My Family Tree 
38 Freiberg, Albert Jacob Jr.  18 Dec 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I18569 My Family Tree 
39 Freiberg, Jeanne Bertha  10 Jan 1908Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I19007 My Family Tree 
40 Friedman, Richard King  11 Sep 1955Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15657 My Family Tree 
41 Garson, Miriam  20 Sep 1866Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I23264 My Family Tree 
42 Goldman, Abraham Baldau  14 Jul 1892Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14541 My Family Tree 
43 Goldman, Adele Mildred  7 Oct 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14596 My Family Tree 
44 Goldman, Albert  25 May 1900Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14539 My Family Tree 
45 Goldman, Allen J.   I17472 My Family Tree 
46 Goldman, Arnold   I14620 My Family Tree 
47 Goldman, David  3 Nov 1894Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14543 My Family Tree 
48 Goldman, Deborah   I14619 My Family Tree 
49 Goldman, Edith B.  27 Jul 1907Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14594 My Family Tree 
50 Goldman, Ephriam  9 Feb 1902Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14546 My Family Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ark, Jacob  6 Jun 1976Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15607 My Family Tree 
2 Aroesty, Elliot  3 Jun 1976Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14962 My Family Tree 
3 Berlove, Anna  9 May 1995Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15382 My Family Tree 
4 Berlove, Fanny  26 May 1980Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15383 My Family Tree 
5 Berlove, Manuel E.  30 Oct 2003Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15385 My Family Tree 
6 Berman, Leon Carl  13 Feb 2007Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I8599 My Family Tree 
7 Carson, Norton Lee  5 Jun 1999Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14525 My Family Tree 
8 Cauffman, Minnie  26 Feb 1946Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I23277 My Family Tree 
9 Clifton, Morris Hollander  27 Nov 2002Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15715 My Family Tree 
10 Cohn, Bella  14 Apr 1928Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15786 My Family Tree 
11 Dunn, David  4 May 1978Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I21714 My Family Tree 
12 Dunn, Reuben  9 Dec 1979Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I699 My Family Tree 
13 Dunn, [Child]  Bef 1910Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I9773 My Family Tree 
14 Dunsky, Jennie  3 Feb 1929Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15844 My Family Tree 
15 Dunsky, Louis Harry  13 Dec 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12987 My Family Tree 
16 Dunsky, Malke  3 Jan 1927Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15459 My Family Tree 
17 Dunsky, Malky  15 Feb 1925Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15688 My Family Tree 
18 Dunsky, Meyer  28 Feb 1974Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12895 My Family Tree 
19 Dunsky, Michla  18 Dec 1951Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I13010 My Family Tree 
20 Dunsky, Michle  26 Apr 1962Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14519 My Family Tree 
21 Dunsky, Philip  16 Apr 1908Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12892 My Family Tree 
22 Dunsky, Sarah Leah  1928Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I5120 My Family Tree 
23 Farber, Jeanette  Feb 1946Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I1883 My Family Tree 
24 Gelman, Perla  26 Oct 1992Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I20061 My Family Tree 
25 Gerring, Mary  23 Jan 1980Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14592 My Family Tree 
26 Goldberg, Mildred Gertrude  11 Mar 2013Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I7756 My Family Tree 
27 Goldberg, Sarah  26 Mar 1979Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15380 My Family Tree 
28 Goldman, David  15 Sep 1944Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14543 My Family Tree 
29 Goodman, Theresa Anne  13 Apr 1953Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I16986 My Family Tree 
30 Granite, Arthur Abraham  26 Nov 1970Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15851 My Family Tree 
31 Granite, Samuel  1 Aug 1928Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15845 My Family Tree 
32 Guttenberg, Irving  6 Dec 1984Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15605 My Family Tree 
33 Guttenberg, Marjorie Ruth  22 Jul 1995Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15606 My Family Tree 
34 Guttenberg, Mitchell  10 Jan 1954Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15614 My Family Tree 
35 Guttenberg, Sol Charles  Sep 1969Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15616 My Family Tree 
36 Hays, Rose  Abt 2 Jul 1917Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I16939 My Family Tree 
37 Janofsky, Rachel  4 Mar 1935Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I3326 My Family Tree 
38 Kaplan, Frieda Ruchel  23 Jun 1966Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15698 My Family Tree 
39 Katz, Anna  3 Jun 1947Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12900 My Family Tree 
40 Koven, Fannie  19 Nov 2007Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15394 My Family Tree 
41 Koven, Julius  27 Nov 1969Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15364 My Family Tree 
42 Koven, Mary  27 Apr 2002Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15391 My Family Tree 
43 Kovin, Israel  29 Nov 1954Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15363 My Family Tree 
44 Kovinsky, Leah  10 Apr 1975Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15378 My Family Tree 
45 Levi, Rebecca  24 Aug 1972Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15612 My Family Tree 
46 Levy, Lottie  27 Mar 1927Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I16110 My Family Tree 
47 Lipsky, Ann Kay  2 Jun 2000Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14581 My Family Tree 
48 Lipsky, David Abraham  16 Mar 1944Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15707 My Family Tree 
49 Lipsky, Henry  30 Apr 1991Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14557 My Family Tree 
50 Lipsky, Jacob  9 Mar 1939Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15785 My Family Tree 

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dunn, Jacob  17 Sep 1920Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I1806 My Family Tree 
2 Dunn, Rebecca  Jul 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I591 My Family Tree 
3 Dunsky, Arnold Philip  7 Feb 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I12989 My Family Tree 
4 Goldman, Harry  6 Dec 1887Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14542 My Family Tree 
5 Goldman, Henry  18 Feb 1898Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14538 My Family Tree 
6 Goldman, Isadore  Aug 1893Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14540 My Family Tree 
7 Goldman, Rabbi Jacob  30 Aug 1907Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14545 My Family Tree 
8 Granite, Louis  4 Aug 1902Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15850 My Family Tree 
9 Levy, Annette  17 Sep 1901Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I6129 My Family Tree 
10 Lipsky, Augusta  Sep 1892Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14554 My Family Tree 
11 Lipsky, Sara Leah  Nov 1895Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I15766 My Family Tree 
12 Neiman, Helen M.  22 Jul 1901Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14547 My Family Tree 
13 Rosenberg, Nettie  Dec 1879Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I16980 My Family Tree 
14 Rosenberg, Sophie  19 Jun 1889Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I16974 My Family Tree 
15 Sand, Josiah  Apr 1919Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I5727 My Family Tree 
16 Stern, Joseph Murray  Abt 1927Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA I14574 My Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Koster, Frima   I20219 My Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goldman, Arnold   I14620 My Family Tree 
2 Goldman, Arnold   I14620 My Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aaron / Granite   F7506 My Family Tree 
2 Alexander / Rosenberg  24 Dec 1914Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F6277 My Family Tree 
3 Ark / Guttenberg  1941Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5788 My Family Tree 
4 Aroesty / Dunn  9 Jun 1946Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5681 My Family Tree 
5 Baker / Granite   F7449 My Family Tree 
6 Berlove / Sanderoff  14 Sep 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5712 My Family Tree 
7 Berlove / Scharlack  1947Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5717 My Family Tree 
8 Berman / Goldberg  14 Feb 1954Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F2215 My Family Tree 
9 Bernstein / Guttenberg  27 Nov 1921Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5791 My Family Tree 
10 Carson / Greenberg  2 Jun 1925Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5520 My Family Tree 
11 Chasin / Granite  25 Jun 1922Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5873 My Family Tree 
12 Citron / Dunsky  Abt Feb 1952Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5432 My Family Tree 
13 Clifton / Lipsky   F5814 My Family Tree 
14 Cohen / Dunsky  10 Nov 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F3728 My Family Tree 
15 Dunn / Cohen  16 May 1922Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5680 My Family Tree 
16 Dunn / Levy  30 May 1915Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5957 My Family Tree 
17 Dunn / Lustig  10 Nov 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5683 My Family Tree 
18 Dunn / Romesser  30 Dec 1950Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5677 My Family Tree 
19 Dunn / Sandler  29 Sep 1925Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F308 My Family Tree 
20 Dunsky / Brownstern  7 Oct 1919Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F1404 My Family Tree 
21 Dunsky / Katz  8 Nov 1914Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5344 My Family Tree 
22 Dunsky / Levin  18 May 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5346 My Family Tree 
23 Dunsky / Warschofski  2 Jul 1917Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5345 My Family Tree 
24 Dunsky / Weinstein  1948Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5434 My Family Tree 
25 Frank / Rosenfeld  24 Sep 1950Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F6333 My Family Tree 
26 Freedman / Lipsky  24 May 1925Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5556 My Family Tree 
27 Freiberg / Strauss  15 Dec 1904Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5126 My Family Tree 
28 Goldberg / Dunsky  28 Jul 1918Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F1981 My Family Tree 
29 Goldberg / Dunsky  24 Dec 1924Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F1073 My Family Tree 
30 Goldman / Ark   F5773 My Family Tree 
31 Goldman / Coates   F6488 My Family Tree 
32 Goldman / Gerring  25 Mar 1906Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5546 My Family Tree 
33 Goldman / Kovel  21 Jun 1916Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5545 My Family Tree 
34 Goldman / Neiman  4 Nov 1919Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5527 My Family Tree 
35 Granite / Becker  13 Aug 1933Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5874 My Family Tree 
36 Granite / Harris   F7448 My Family Tree 
37 Granite / Potter  4 Oct 1926Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5871 My Family Tree 
38 Granite / Schwartz  18 Aug 1929Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F7446 My Family Tree 
39 Greenberg / Dunsky  13 Dec 1898Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5518 My Family Tree 
40 Guckenheimer / Cauffman  2 Jun 1887Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F8234 My Family Tree 
41 Guckenheimer / Garson  12 Oct 1887Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F8227 My Family Tree 
42 Guttenberg / Clark  6 Jun 1941Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5779 My Family Tree 
43 Guttenberg / Levi  28 May 1907Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5793 My Family Tree 
44 Guttenberg / Meyers  11 May 1925Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5790 My Family Tree 
45 Guttenberg / Paley  28 Jun 1903Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5794 My Family Tree 
46 Hirsch / Rosenberg  7 Oct 1907Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F6275 My Family Tree 
47 Hoffenberg / Dunsky  28 Feb 1911Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5517 My Family Tree 
48 Horovitz / Dunn  8 May 1910Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5956 My Family Tree 
49 Katz / Ark   F5771 My Family Tree 
50 Kenner / Lipsky  1935Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA F5833 My Family Tree 

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